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Auto Loans

Whatever car you’re dreaming of, we can help put it in your driveway

Whether it’s a bright red sports car or a hybrid SUV for family adventuresβ€”or even your very first car everβ€”PCFCU can help put you behind the wheel. We offer various loans and flexible payment plans that you can afford. We also offer great deals on refinancing your existing auto loan.


Come get pre-approved before you even visit the dealership, save the trouble of negotiating over the financing, and concentrate on getting the vehicle you want.



Refinance your auto loan today. Get big bucks back.

Bring us your Loan, Get a Bonus Back

Is your auto financed at another lender? Bring us your loan. We'll pay it off and match the lender's rate to as low as 1.99%. APR* Plus, give you a big bonus! Banks can't compete with this special deal.

If your current balance is: Your bonus is:
$1,000 to $5,000 $100
$5,001 to $20,000 $200
$20,000 plus $300

*APR =  Annual Percentage Rate. This limited-time offer only applies to loans 12 months or longer. If loan is paid off in less than 12 months, bonus points must be refunded. Not available for refinancing PCFCU loans. Minimum matched rate of 1.99% APR. Offer subject to PCFCU credit qualifications.


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