Car insurance helps protect your finances if your car ever gets damaged or stolen, and is required by law in all but two states. If you’re caught driving without car insurance, you may have to pay fines or your license could get suspended. Jail time is very rare unless you’re a multiple offender.

Penalties in Washington State

Depending on where you live, the consequences for not having car insurance will vary.

In Washington state, if you’re pulled over by law enforcement and fail to show proof of insurance coverage, you could have to pay fines up to $450 as this is considered an infraction. Moreover, knowingly providing false information at a car accident is a misdemeanor.

What happens if you’re at fault in a car accident with no insurance?

If you cause a car accident and do not have insurance, the other driver can sue you for their damage costs and personal injury costs.

Car Insurance Coverage Requirements

Every state’s car insurance requirements are different. Here in Washington, a licensed driver must have liability coverage. Aside from liability coverage, if you’re financing your car, your lender may require additional coverage, like comprehensive insurance.

Simply put, you should never drive uninsured unless you live where insurance isn’t required by law. Having the appropriate coverage for your needs is important when it comes to car insurance. Without it, you are financially responsible for any car crashes you cause.

Once you have car insurance, you must keep paying your premiums on time, otherwise, your insurance policy will lapse. When this occurs, your lender may provide forced-placed insurance until you reinstate your policy. Keep in mind, most insurance companies offer a 10 to 20 day grace period for policyholders to reinstate policies without a lapse in coverage. However, there may be a balance and reinstatement fee.

Are You Shopping for a New Car?

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What Happens If I Don’t Insure My Car? in Vancouver WA

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