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What Is GAP Insurance?

GAP Insurance, officially known as Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance, is an optional auto insurance coverage specifically crafted to safeguard individuals who are financing or leasing a vehicle. It comes into play in situations where your vehicle is declared a total loss or is stolen, and you find yourself owing more on your car loan or lease than the vehicle’s actual market value. In these instances, GAP insurance bridges the financial gap, ensuring you aren’t left with an unexpected financial burden. It’s an important safety net for those looking to protect their investment in a vehicle.

What Does GAP Insurance Cover?

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) covers that gap between the amount your car is worth (insurance settlement) and the amount you still owe in the event that your car is totaled or stolen and unrecovered. GAP insurance supplements, but does not replace your primary auto insurance coverage.

Example: After one year, the vehicle you purchased for $25,000 is now valued at $16,000.  You still owe $20,000 when it is stolen and never recovered, or totaled in an accident.  Most insurance policies will only reimburse you for the value of the auto, $16,000, leaving you to repay the remaining loan balance of $4,000.  GAP provides for the waiver of that $4,000.

*Visit your nearest branch location to receive a GAP insurance brochure for conditions of coverage, exclusions, and your duties during the term of the plan. The purchase of GAP insurance is voluntary and cannot be required as a condition of loan approval. This service is offered by Allied Solutions, LLC.

What are the Benefits of GAP Insurance?

GAP Insurance is a valuable asset for all vehicle buyers, whether you’re financing a new or used car. It offers a unique benefit by potentially covering your insurance deductible, which could amount to $1,000, as a part of your claim settlement. What’s more, the cost of GAP insurance can be seamlessly integrated into your loan financing. As an added perk, choosing GAP insurance also entitles you to receive $1,000 toward your next vehicle, which can be conveniently financed through your credit union.

Is GAP Insurance Worth It?

Many vehicle owners grapple with the decision of whether to invest in Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance. The worthiness of GAP insurance depends on various factors that need consideration before making a choice. Here’s a closer look at these factors:

  • The Vehicle’s Depreciation Rate: The rate at which your vehicle depreciates plays a pivotal role in determining the value of GAP insurance. New cars tend to depreciate rapidly in the first few years, which means you may owe more on your loan or lease than the vehicle’s actual value. For such vehicles, GAP insurance can be a crucial safeguard.
  • Loan Terms: The length of your auto loan or lease can impact the value of GAP insurance. If you have a long-term loan, it takes more time to build equity in your vehicle. This means you could be at a higher risk of being “upside down” on your loan, where you owe more than the vehicle is worth.
  • Down Payment: If you made a small or no down payment when acquiring your vehicle, you’re at a greater risk of experiencing a financial gap in the event of a total loss. A down payment helps reduce the initial gap between the vehicle’s value and your loan amount.
  • Driving Habits: Consider your driving habits and the likelihood of accidents or theft in your area. Areas with higher accident rates or theft occurrences may warrant the additional protection offered by GAP insurance.
  • Financial Preparedness: Evaluate your financial preparedness to handle unexpected expenses. If you’re confident in your ability to cover the “gap” out of pocket, GAP insurance might be less essential for you.
  • Primary Auto Insurance Coverage: Review the terms and limitations of your primary auto insurance policy. In some cases, your policy might offer additional protection against depreciation or underinsured motorists, potentially reducing the need for GAP insurance.

In summary, the worthiness of GAP insurance depends on your unique circumstances. It’s a valuable asset for those with high depreciation rates, long loan terms, minimal down payments, or concerns about the financial impact of a total loss. Evaluating these factors can help you make an informed decision regarding GAP insurance.

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