People’s offers incoming and outgoing wire transfer services for domestic and international wires; providing a safe, convenient and fast way to transfer funds electronically.  International Western Union transfers are also available.  See our Rate and Fee Schedule for the cost of these services.

  • Incoming Wires
    There is no fee for incoming wires to your account at People’s Community Credit Union.  All incoming wires must be sent using the following wiring instructions. 
    Wires received based on other wiring instructions may be rejected and could incur additional fees. 
  • Outgoing Wires
    It’s easy to have funds transferred electronically to another financial institution from your account at the credit union. First you will need to obtain complete wiring instructions from the receiving financial institution or the recipient.  Please remember that wiring instructions often differ from the account information at the bottom of a check. We also need the complete addresses of all parties. We are unable to guarantee the length of time it will take for the recipient institution to receive and apply the funds.  You can initiate a wire transfer by coming in to one of our branches or giving us a call.  See our Rate and Fee Schedule for outgoing wire fees.
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Wire Transfer Instructions in Vancouver WA

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