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Jessica A. Avatar
Jessica A.
11/24/2023 - Google
Rhys and everyone else is so friendly and helpful! I always have a good experience at this bank.
Martin P. Avatar
Martin P.
11/23/2023 - Google
The guy who helped my father and I set up a debit card had amazing service. Everything went smoothly. Thank you.
KAMI G. Avatar
10/21/2023 - Google
People's opened my account and reviewed my loan application quickly. Everyone was very helpful and clear on what I needed for certain services. Thank ... read more
LucyAnn K. Avatar
LucyAnn K.
6/24/2023 - Google
Endi was amazing. She made buying my first brand new car so easy. Something I never thought possible. People's Community Federal Credit Union saw me... read more
Kevin L. Avatar
Kevin L.
2/03/2023 - Google
I started banking at the hazel dell location about 3mos ago because they offered great interest rate for my new car loan. Figured all banks were basic... read more
Verna G. Avatar
Verna G.
10/21/2022 - Google
Diana A. Avatar
Diana A.
5/19/2022 - Google
I have been a member since 1987. I have never had a bad experience. I have had to relocate out of state where I purchased a new home. The people th... read more
Tiffany M. Avatar
Tiffany M.
4/19/2022 - Google
My son has been wanting a bank account for a few weeks…we went with People’s Credit Union as they don’t require a minimum balance. His account was op... read more
Amanda F. Avatar
Amanda F.
3/19/2022 - Google
Needed an auto loan and Patty at Ridgefield location made it so easy and took care of everything!
Kiahna E. Avatar
Kiahna E.
10/19/2021 - Google
Susan R. Avatar
Susan R.
8/19/2021 - Google
The only problem I've had with them is threatening to close my account because of overdrafts. You'd think they'd like that I'm forgetful, I make them... read more
Mikayla M. Avatar
Mikayla M.
8/19/2021 - Google
Judy E. Avatar
Judy E.
8/19/2021 - Google
fallinangels _. Avatar
fallinangels _.
8/19/2021 - Google
Adam T. Avatar
Adam T.
8/19/2021 - Google
Love the people here. No fee checking such helpful people, they'll even call you up to warn you or remind you of important things and issues. Known an... read more
Jerald C. Avatar
Jerald C.
8/19/2020 - Google
Kimberly A. Avatar
Kimberly A.
8/19/2020 - Google
Great customer service!
Avery R. Avatar
Avery R.
8/19/2020 - Google
North S. Avatar
North S.
8/19/2020 - Google
Tracelling Canadian in the US. Credit card maxed, couldn’t use my debit card in a store, at ATMs, even at a bank. Walked into the drivetrough ATM here... read more
Nathan P. Avatar
Nathan P.
8/19/2020 - Google
It's a fine credit union.
Christina W. Avatar
Christina W.
8/19/2019 - Google
Great staff! Very informative!
Guillotine44 Avatar
8/19/2019 - Google
James S. Avatar
James S.
8/19/2019 - Google
Fast and friendly
edward a. Avatar
edward a.
8/19/2019 - Google
Steven U. Avatar
Steven U.
8/19/2019 - Google
I went in to get an auto loan and had a great experience. The rates were excellent and the staff is very friendy and helpfull.
Scrap S. Avatar
Scrap S.
8/19/2019 - Google
Paula L. Avatar
Paula L.
8/19/2019 - Google
Since I opened my account 7 years ago, I have had the pleasure of banking in Battle Ground, Hazel Dell, and East Vancouver. At each place they are alw... read more
Jennifer W. Avatar
Jennifer W.
8/19/2019 - Google
Made our car loan process so easy!
Richard G. Avatar
Richard G.
8/19/2019 - Google
Been with people since the beginning of time. Always friendly and prompt service.
Norma K. Avatar
Norma K.
8/19/2019 - Google
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