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If you’re already a PCCU Online Banking User:

  • Login to Online Banking and click on mobile in the menu at the top of the page.
  • Under the page Manage Mobile Banking Devices, you will find options for other services beyond the Apps for your phone or tablet (text banking and alerts) and the ability to register your device.
  • Download the app from the Manage Mobile Banking Devices page or by clicking the above icons.

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Our Mobile Banking apps provide an intuitive and powerful user experience consisting of easy-to-navigate screens and menus. Receive most of the features and benefits of online banking, enhanced by your device’s unique features.

No. Not if you don’t want to. When registering for Mobile Banking, you can select our mobile browser service, which uses the Internet browser on your mobile device. Unlike the App, nothing needs to be downloaded to your device. This is a web page designed for mobile phone use. You can also select Text Banking and Alerts.

Links to our apps are found above on the Mobile Banking Apps.

Text Banking uses text messages (Short Message Service (SMS)) to request and receive account specific information (available balance, transaction history) to your mobile device. Most mobile devices are capable of sending and receiving text messages. Our short code for Text Banking is 39872. Note: some mobile service carriers charge for outgoing text messages or for each message sent and received.

Alerts notify you of conditions occurring on your account(s), such as a check clearing, an account above or below a certain balance, or an account deposit. Alerts are sent as text messages directly to your mobile device. Until you select Alert Banking as a service under the “Manage Mobile Banking Devices” section of Online Banking, only emails will be used when setting up Online Banking Alerts.

Click on “Mobile” at the top of Online Banking. Click on “Add New Device.” This will take you back to the “Manage Mobile Banking Devices” page where you can choose these options.

Yes. You can pay bills to existing payees, set-up or edit recurring payments, and view Bill Pay history. For security reasons, you are not able to set-up new payees within Mobile Banking. To do this, you must login to Online Banking and go to Pay Bills.

From your computer, go into the Mobile section in Online Banking, select “Stop using this device for Mobile Banking” next to the lost device and click Go. Be sure to call your mobile carrier to stop data service on your device and call us to unregister the device.

Any member of People’s Community Federal Credit Union that is registered for Online Banking can start using Mobile Banking right away.

You can use the Mobile Browser from any mobile device with an internet connection, or the mobile app if it has been downloaded to the device. To use Text Banking or Alerts, you must add the new device on the “Manage Mobile Banking Device” page within Online Banking, then select Receive Alerts for that device.

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