Carefree Savings Account provided by People's Community Credit Union throughout Clark County and Southwest WA.

A Personal Savings Account with Convenient Benefits.

At People’s, we want our members to have easy access to reliable banking services, which is why we’re happy to offer our Carefree Savings account. A personal savings account offers members many convenient benefits for every day savings and banking needs.  When you join the credit union, this will be your first account.

Carefree Savings has no monthly fee and only requires a $55 deposit to open.  Of this $55 deposit, $5 represents your ownership share in the credit union. Once you open any other service at the credit union, your minimum balance for your Carefree Savings account is only $5.  Included in the $55 deposit is also a $5 membership fee when opening your first account, and then you can enjoy all the benefits of membership. Read on to find out why opening a savings account with us is important for your financial health.

The Benefits of a Carefree Savings Account

Anyone can benefit from a personal savings account, and we want to stress the convenience and safety of this type of account. While Carefree Savings allows users to manage their own financial goals, members can also set up separate savings accounts for different purposes.

Carefree Savings Accounts can be used to save for:

  • Vacations
  • Emergencies
  • House Down Payments
  • Car Repairs
  • Medical Expenses
  • Property Taxes
  • And more…!

Opening a Savings Account Online

One of the greatest benefits of a savings account is its online-friendly features. At People’s Community Credit Union, we want to make it as easy as possible for our members to achieve their financial goals, which is why we offer a comprehensive online account opening process. While we are always happy to help our members open an account at one of our branches, this provides you with the option of opening an account in the comfort of your own home. The process takes up to just 10 minutes, requires just a $50 deposit plus a $5 membership fee, it is user-friendly and accessible for all!

Carefree Savings with People’s Community Credit Union

We are proud to serve all our members and believe in our member-focused philosophy. When you open a Carefree Savings account with us online or at one of our branches, you can rest assure you will be taken care of. We are happy to provide our members with only the best and friendliest financial services. Call us today to learn more about becoming a member by opening a Carefree Savings account!

The Perks of Banking with People's

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