CardFree Cash℠

Five Convenient Branches:
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Cardfree Cash provided by People's Community Credit Union throughout Clark County and Southwest WA.

ATM Withdrawals from Your Phone

No card? No problem. Get cash safely and instantly – without a card! Fortunately, with People’s Community Federal Credit Union there are other ways to withdraw money without a debit card.

With no ATM surcharges for these transactions, you will simply use your mobile device to generate a secure access code from within our People’s CardLock app, locate a convenient CardFree Cash-enabled ATM, and have access to your cash even when your card isn’t with you.

  • Are you traveling and forgot your debit card at home?
  • Is your debit card on its way to you in the mail?

Benefits of CardFree Cash

CardFree Cash provides convenient access to cash without the need for a card. Other benefits include:

  • Access at thousands of ATMs nationwide
  • Ensures a high-level of security with one-time use tokens
  • Reduced risk of ATM skimming
  • Affordable alternative for quick cash than wire transfers

This innovative service is just one more way we at People’s Community Federal Credit Union deliver the very best for our members.

Look no further! We can help you access your money even in one of these situations. For more information, visit one of our branches or contact us at 360-695-5121 or toll free at 1-800-252-6525.