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People’s Online and Mobile Banking Services integrate eStatements, Bill Pay, and Credit Card information together into a single location providing an accessible and easy to use experience for all your banking banking screenshot

If you have already enrolled in Online Banking, you can access it by logging in directly through our homepage. If you have not yet enrolled, this link will bring you to where you can enroll.

Once you’ve entered our Online Banking site, you can toggle between ‘tile view’ and ‘list view’ for your accounts. Simply select the account you want to access to view more information about it. From there, you can transfer money, create alerts, view online statements, export transactions and more! Both email and text alerts can be setup for each of your accounts.

We suggest registering for Mobile Banking within Online Banking. Doing so will provide you with more choices when using Mobile Banking and you can request a link be sent to you that directs you straight to the mobile app for your device. If you do not want to register through Online Banking first, you can always search for our app through your preferred app store (Apple or Google Play) or use one of the links in the pop out tab located to the left of this page.

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Online Banking


    Will there be Security Questions?

    Yes. You will need to answer a set of five (5) Security Questions, each with a unique answer that contains 4 or more characters.

    Why do I need to set up a phone for Identity Verification?

    Online Banking requires the use of a phone as a secondary form of verification instead of just using a username, password, and security questions. When there is unexpected activity in your Online Banking account, such as logging in on a new computer or from another location, you will receive either a text or phone call with a code. That code will be used to verify that the unexpected activity is actually coming from you and not someone else.


    If I want to change my User ID, what are the requirements?

    The User ID must be between 6 and 32 characters in length, is not case sensitive, and cannot contain any spaces. Limitations on special characters are found inside Online Banking.


    If I want to change my Password, what are the requirements?

    Passwords must contain at least 8 and no more than 32 characters, is case sensitive, must contain both lower and upper case letters, at least one number and at least one special character. Limitations on special characters are found inside Online Banking.

    Why can’t I access all of my accounts and eStatements?

    You may not be able to see certain credit union accounts, particularly those on which you are not the primary member. Please give us a call at 1-800-252-6525 and we’ll will be happy to help you with gaining access to your accounts.

    Can I access information on my People’s Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card?

    Yes. Just select your VISA Platinum account within Online Banking and it will take you right to your credit card information.

    How do I transfer money between my accounts?

    You can drag one tile over another to initiate a transfer, you can select one of your accounts and a transfer money option will be in the account details, and there is a transfers option in the main menu.

    How do I use Online Banking with Quicken?

    If you are having issues with accessing Online Banking through Quicken or Quickbooks or if you haven’t accessed Online Banking since our conversion, review the documents below for assistance.

    Quicken for Windows 2013-2016 Express Web Connect
    Quicken for Windows 2013-2016 Web Connect
    Quicken for Mac 2015-2016 Express Web Connect
    Quicken for Mac 2015-2016 Web Connect
    Quicken for Mac 2007 Web Connect
    Mint Conversion Information
    QuickBooks Online Edition

If you have any questions or any trouble at all, please call our member service center 24/7 at 800-252-6525. We are happy to help!