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New Online and Mobile Banking

New Online and Mobile Banking is Here!


People’s has introduced an all new Online and Mobile Banking Service; more closely integrated with eStatements, Bill Pay, and Credit Card information.  Login only one time to access all of your account information and services.  Mobile

While you will not have to reregister for Online Banking, and will most likely be able to continue using the same username, you will need to reset your password and select new security questions. 

You will now be able to input your username and password on the website’s homepage.  You’ll still be able to view transactions, make transfers, see cleared checks, and access your eStatements.  You can also see pending bills and recurring payments right on the Accounts Page without having to go to Bill Pay.  No more tabs to toggle between!  You’ll be able to setup both text and e-mail alerts for such things as falling below a certain balance.

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Online Banking


    Will there be Security Questions?

    Yes. You will need to answer a set of five (5) Security Questions, each with a unique answer that contains 4 or more characters.

    Why do I need to set up a phone for Identity Verification?

    To begin using the new Online Banking service, you will need to setup a phone for identity verification. This provides an additional level of security beyond the challenge questions. When there is unexpected activity in your Online Banking account, such as logging in on a new computer or from another location; in addition to security questions, we may contact you at this phone number to verify certain activity and the location from which you are accessing Online Banking. To activate the feature, you will need to obtain a verification by a text or a phone call.


    If I want to change my User ID, what are the requirements?

    The User ID must be between 3 and 32 characters in length, is not case sensitive, and cannot contain any spaces. Limitations on special characters are found inside Online Banking.


    If I want to change my Password, what are the requirements?

    Passwords must contain at least 8 and no more than 32 characters, is case sensitive, must contain both lower and upper case letters, at least one number and at least one special character. Limitations on special characters are found inside Online Banking.

    What if I’m not currently an Online Banking user?

    You can click on enroll at the top of our homepage, or in the login slide out on all other pages on the website, to begin the process. You will enroll by providing your member number and full social security number. For security purposes, you will also need to input the characters from an image on the screen to verify you are actually an individual providing the information and not software program. You will then select a User ID and password. You’re then ready to login to Online Banking and complete the process.

    Will I be able to access all of the accounts and eStatements I’ve been able to view in the past?

    Not in every case. You may not be able to see certain credit union accounts, particularly those on which you are not the primary member. Please give us a call at 1-800-252-6525 and we’ll help you reestablish these connections.

    Can I access information on my People’s Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card?

    Yes. Before there was a separate login for making credit card payments and accessing other information on your card. Now you click on your VISA Platinum tile and you go right to the credit card information with no need to login a second time.

    Are there different ways to transfer money between my accounts?

    Yes. You can drag one tile over another and a transfer money box will pop-up, you can click on a title and there is a transfer money option in account details, and there is a transfers option in the main menu.

    What if I export date from Online Banking to Quicken, is this still available?

    Yes. There is a process you will need to complete before you can download information to Quicken. You also now have the ability to download to QuickBooks. Instructions for continuing to do Quicken downloads are below:

    Quicken for Windows 2013-2016 Express Web Connect
    Quicken for Windows 2013-2016 Web Connect
    Quicken for Mac 2015-2016 Express Web Connect
    Quicken for Mac 2015-2016 Web Connect
    Quicken for Mac 2007 Web Connect
    Mint Conversion Information
    QuickBooks Online Edition

Click on a tile to find more information on a specific account.  From there you can transfer money, create alerts, view online statements, export transactions and more!  If you don’t like the tiles you can switch to a list view with the click of a button.

Please be aware some links between accounts for Online Banking and eStatements may not transition correctly.  If this occurs, please call our member service center 24/7 at 800-252-6525, or messages us from within online banking.  Other messages may not be secure.

If you use mobile banking, you will need to download new apps, which now include apps designed for tablets (iPad and Android) as well as cell phones (iPhone and Android).  Before downloading the apps, we suggest you register from within new Online Banking as this will provide you more choices for optional mobile services.

If exporting data into Quicken, you will need to complete an account deactivation and reactivation process on or after June 21, 2016.  Instructions are below:

We believe you’ll enjoy the new clean look and feel of our electronic services.  It’s easy to use on all your devices, anywhere life takes you!


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