Personal Loans

If you need extra cash—for whatever reason—our Personal Loans can offer funds you need at rates you can afford

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Personal loans with People's Community Federal Credit Union can help members reestablish credit or achieve financial goals

Have money in your savings account or a certificate? Sometimes it's better to borrow against your own savings than withdraw the money and spend it.


  • You can borrow for nearly any reason.
  • Great for establishing or reestablishing your credit.
  • Rates are especially low when you use regular savings as collateral. Certificate-secured loans only cost a bit more.
  • You keep your hard-earned savings intact and feel good about it.
  • You avoid possible early withdrawal penalties if your money is in a certificate.
  • You continue to earn dividends on your account and watch them compound.


Bill Consolidation

Too many monthly payments? Losing sleep over that pile of bills? Sounds like you need to consider a People's bill consolidation loan. We'll work with you to reduce your total payments by combining your obligations all into one loan. The result: You'll pay less interest and lower monthly payments. These unsecured loans are for a fixed term and a fixed rate, so your payment never changes.


Other Personal Loans

We can probably put together the loan you need. We'll work with you to meet your goals and improve your financial well-being. We offer competitive fixed interest rates, flexible terms and options, quick loan decisions made locally, automatic loan payments, and of course friendly, personal service. We also offer a Personal Line of Credit for emergencies, travel, education or other purchases you would like to finance. At People's, you're a person not a number.