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Personal Line of Credit

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An Overdraft or Personal Line of Credit (PLOC) is the perfect companion to your People's checking account. When you sign up for overdraft protection, you protect yourself against accidently overdrawing your account. Rather than returning your transaction because of insufficient funds, we'll automatically advance you a small loan.

This helps you:

  • Avoid the embarrassment of returned checks and other charges to your account
  • Protect your credit record
  • Avoid overdraft fees

Other overdraft protection options are available through our Courtesy Pay Program.

You can also use PLOC for emergencies, travel, education or other purchases you would like to finance. This is just one option available for financing these needs; we offer other personal loans, such as share-secured and debt consolidation.

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If you would like us to honor overdrafts caused by debit card purchases or ATM transactions please provide your authorization:

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